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  • When will I receive a quote?
    Most quotes are completed in the first 24 Hours but depending on the complexity of you requirements you should receive it Within 48 hours of receiving an 'RFQ.'
  • When will I receive my order?
    Our goal is to provide the most efficient turnaround times. Each order will vary due to size and technicality. We will always keep our customers up to date on order times, so rest assured!
  • Which suppliers do you use?
    One of our promises to you is that we will always work through your 'Approved Supplier' list. We will also keep you informed on who exactly we use.
  • Can I track my order status?
    Absolutely. We will keep you informed during the order process, but you are always welcome to email us directly and we will provide you with an update within 2 hours of receiving your email.
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